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Short term hire of dual controlled vehicle

Anyone got anything? Any old heap will do, so if your px ing or have a spare car i need one for about 3 months.

Fitted duals and 4 wheels, even 3 wheels will due actually.  big_smile Ill insure it. I only do 15-17 k per year so wouldnt heap loads of miles on it. I wont take any learners in it just ADI training and travelling to venues for fleet.

Pm if anyone has anything, just got a three month wait for new car and ive sold my other.

Regards Nige

James Dawson Grade 6 ADI (Ordit Registered) Ba (Hons) Driver Education
ADI qualification/Check test training/Excelsior DSA Ordit/fleet courses
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25-03-10 10:52:20

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Re: Short term hire of dual controlled vehicle

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