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Back again!

Hello All, no idea if anyone will remember me have been around twice before but then life always happens and i wonder off! Third time lucky!

My story, i first joined these forums back in 2006/2007 when doing my advanced driving, both my DIAmond and IAM which i passed.

I then popped back on in 2008 when i doing my ADI training (which i begun end of 2007) i passed my part one then was waiting to take my two, went on to pass my two and then life happened, i took a year out because of personal issues so began my training again at the end of last year and today sat my part three, it was my first attempt and i failed however i am very upbeat as came out with a 4/3 and the SE was very postive with my feedback and i actually failed on over instruction on my pharse two!  :oops: Have a lesson with my trainer tomorrow and rebooking it, looking for support etc so thought i'd pop back on and i will hang about this time!

Thanks all



22-03-10 20:58:20

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Re: Back again!

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