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mons 2nd Attempt?

What a day I have had.Right from the start I decided to mention to no-one this time about test.Got up this morning at 6.30 put dvds on and done some studying until7.30,went for walk to clear my head.I got onto the motorway for Belfast at 8.05 plenty of time for 9.30 test time,road was well gritted,no problems at all.
               I was well up for this test,I was thinking when I seen brake lights all around me,both lanes at a standstill.I was sitting in the lane thinking 815 plenty of time,then the snails pace started, then stopping and so on.All of a sudden 8.55 and I was still 10 miles from test centre,I rang my trainer and told him what a panic I was in,he told me to just try and get there on time and if I was late I'd lose my test fee(bit cruel) but no use arguing with them.
Just as I finished that call my Instructors OBS mirror fell off window where it had been securely stuck for 5 weeks,what the hell? then got spray from large vehicles covering front window,tried to clear with window sprayer with wipers,froze solid,What next? Traffic cleared a little and it was now 9.12 and I was about 2 miles from centerer when my mobile rang,it was guy from Test booking centerer, full of apologies that he never got me sooner and that my test had been canceled because of really bad weather.
I had mixed emotions at this point,I was just itching to get another go at this and a days holiday in work has been used,and on the other hand I really don't think I would have been on time,and what state was my head going to be in?So my test fee is secure and 2nd attempt later in month.
Wifes's nerves have just about gone,I told her everything happens for a reason and took my son swimming.
Just needed to get that of my chest thanks for listening....

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05-01-10 13:30:00

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Re: mons 2nd Attempt?

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Re: mons 2nd Attempt?

Wow Mon, what a day, I feel for you. But look on the bright side with it being canceled you get your money and it's no small sum for the test. Besides even if you had made it to the test just on time you don't want to go into it feeling all rushed. Maybe next time book a B&B near the test centre just in case  smile

They have been canceling morning L tests upto the 12.05 times, I had one yesterday and today canceled literally at the last possible minute so I am not surprised the part 3 early ones were canceled as well.

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