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Bournemouth Driving Instructor..Personnel recommendation

HI All
1)  Can anybody let me know good driving instructor in Bournemouth.
2) Is it better to take the lesson from independent instructor or from the instructors who are affiliated with some company like BSM,AA etc.

I have already taken 40 lessons with one non-independent instructor and one failed attempt so quite confused as to if I shoudl change my instructor or keep the same..
I have failed with 5 minor and 1 serious.

Please guide me.



13-12-09 21:28:48

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Re: Bournemouth Driving Instructor..Personnel recommendation

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Re: Bournemouth Driving Instructor..Personnel recommendation

do you understand why you failed? how do you get on with your instructor, remember that if you change now you will have to go through getting to know them, making sure they are instructing you in a way that yo like,and understand.
what has your instructor said about your fail, was it something that you had covered or not and did you feel ready for the test.
so before you change i would look at the reasons you failed

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