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#1 07-12-09 20:34:15

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Getting embarrassing


I've had my car for about four months, and my licence for just over a week.

In this time I've been run into twice, once cos I stalled at a roundabout (before I passed, whilst accompnied), and once cos I stalled at a set of traffic lights (after I passed my test, this afternoon in fact)   roll

There didn't appear to be any damage (Other than a small mark on the bumper) either time, but I still need to phone the insurance company and let them know what happened (Just in case). Dreading the phone call though! 'Hi, me again, stalled again, got hit again....sigh'

Despite what you may think, I don't stall all that much. Occasionally yes, but it really doesn't happen regularly. In fact I'd say that just about a quater of the times I've stalled, I've been run into!!!  :x

Anyway, shaken up and just wanted to rant......



07-12-09 20:34:15

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Re: Getting embarrassing

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Re: Getting embarrassing

hi i have been a driving instructor for 17 years  and i stall to . your just unlucky its because you have had 2 morons behind you in one day .its their fault not yours.don't let them put you off


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Re: Getting embarrassing

Get your car checked out by the garage.  There could be hidden damage.


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Re: Getting embarrassing

my current car is diesel and the 3 cars i'd had before that were petrol (so you see i was an experienced driver already). When i first got this car i think i stalled it every single day for at least a week - and sometimes more than once in a day!! Thankfully i've got over that particular hurdle though i do still stall occasionally - and that's after 9 years of driving! 


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