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Light Law and test

If Driving under a Dark double bridge, do you need to put your lights on or would the examiner fail you?
Regards Paul

Part 1.....100% & 57  passed 1st Time
Part 2.....4 minors     Passed 1st Time
Part 3.....3 & 3         Failed 1st attempt
part 3.....2 & 3         Failed 2nd attempt
part 3.....3 & 4         Failed 3rd attempt
part 1..Round2..96% & 68% passed 1st time
Part 2..Round2..3 minors 1 serious failed 1st attempt
Part 2..Round2..5 minors Passed 2nd attempt
Part 3..Round2..4 & 3 Failed 1st attempt
part 3..round2..3 & 3 failed 2nd attempt
part 3..round2..4 & 5 PASSED 3rd attempt woohoo!


02-11-09 20:31:46

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Re: Light Law and test

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Re: Light Law and test

I think it depends on the situation wolves...... the candidate should be able to decide whetehr lights are needed or not and just as this is not really a black and white situation at the best of times I would guess it isnt black or white with examiners either and there could be some overlap.

Would you put them on yourself??


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Re: Light Law and test

I always use the tester- "What would I do on my Part 2 test?"

So as Aspyre says- Would you put them on?

Part 1: Passed (11/9/07) 96/100 & 68/75
Part 2: Passed (19/10/07) 3 Minors
Part 3: (2nd) Passed (27/11/08) 4/4
Check Test: Grade 5 (16/03/11)


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