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Hello everyone

Hello I am a Adi Based in the south west. I was a member of this site before a while ago But I was unable to understand forum ettiquette and looking back now probably came over very rude and unprofessional. I have learned from previous mistakes and The way I post will be altered considerably. I am not currently working as an adi I had a break from the profession to explore other things And have now realised that this is truly the career for me. I just don`t know how to get back into it I still have my qualifcation but that`s about it My thought were to join  Red but rang them over two weeks ago and have not heard back from them. So I guess they dn`t require adis in my area. But I really want to get back into teaching so any tips and advice would be very welcome. Anyway nice to be back here I have already picked up alot of tips in the 20 minutes I have spent browsing the site.

Many thanks C

23-10-09 20:19:12

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Re: Hello everyone

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