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1st check test soon.

i have my first check test next month. was thinking of doing Dual Carrageways And Open Roads.
the reason for this is because near the test centre is a large roundabout and then, wether you take first, second or third and last exit you are on to a dual carrageway.
Thought i could do the briefing at the TC and then start q & a on way to r'bout about the approach and exit.
am starting to plan now as i want to do an original lesson with a different approch to make it more interesting, hopefully.
thought that i could use the horizonas a teaching aid,e.g if there is a view of trees in the distance then we could assume that the road will bend ahead, but use other information as you approach to confirm this.
do you think that this is a good subject for a first test, and is an original approach is to be recommended or shouod i just play it safe?


09-10-09 13:27:01

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Re: 1st check test soon.

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Re: 1st check test soon.

A perfect subject for a 1st check test, something to really get your teeth stuck into.  The more interesting and varied, the better!
Playing it safe is for whimps  wink


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