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2008 Mazda 2 1.4d TS For Sale

I am trading in my Mazda 2 in the next 7-10 days so if anyone wants to buy it before it goes in I would like £7,900 for it. Sorry but any less than that and it would be easier to trade it in so no offers.

It is silver with black upholstery. It has done 13,200 miles and just had its first service at 12,500.

It has He-man dual controls.

It was first registered in September 2008 so is on a 58 plate.

The engine is a 1.4 diesel.

It has air conditioning.

Excellent condition.

I hope that has covered everything, pm me if you are interested, Mike


13-09-09 12:21:28

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Re: 2008 Mazda 2 1.4d TS For Sale

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