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What to expect...

I have my 1st part 3 lesson next week, im just wondering what i should expect?

Whats the standard for these "first" lessons, im just asuming im not going to get thrown in the deep end without armbands  lol :oops:

Silly question i know but curiosity is getting the better of me lol.

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ADI part 3........... start training 27/9/09 then we shall see!


08-09-09 13:00:53

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Re: What to expect...

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Re: What to expect...

On my 1st part 3 lesson, my trainer did the turn in the road, gave me the breifing, and said great now you have a go, so basically i just repeated what he had said, he told me what id missed and why it is important to do that, then we did emerging, him making mistakes and of course i didnt correct them, but he tolfd me what he did, and how i could correct it. By the end of the lesson i had actually learnt quite a lot and was really pleased with myself. Also on the other hand i though, OMG what have i let myself in for big_smile big_smile big_smile

He also gave me loads of reading material, my lesson presenters, etc.

Good luck for tomorrow, you will really enjoy it.

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