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Part 2 - Is there...

An easy way of immediately spotting a crossroads? I.e light controlled where i will have to sit in the middle of an "imaginery box and give way to oncoming traffic" to turn right?
Obviously if i am in a que of traffic this is going to be an obvious situation, but im thinking if i come through the lights as the 1st car is there road markings to look out for other than offside to offside arrows painted on the road etc???

Probably a stupuid question that i should know the anwser to but its my floor cos even though im reading the essential skills either i cannot see an anwser for this or there isnt one. Im sure someone will let me know how blind i am  lol


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Re: Part 2 - Is there...

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Re: Part 2 - Is there...

What do you do when driving yourself? How do you know what to do then? I normaly tell pupils to go as far forward as needed to be able turn comfortably into the junction, usually just before the centre of the road you are turning into.

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