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never assume~~

Hi everyone just to let you all know what happened to me in the Bakery where I work this morning.
Now I will try and keep this short,we were busy doing bread (baps) |I had an University graduate laboring for me.after 1 st mix I clearly told him to go to fridge to pick up a pre weighed bucket of water for next mix,Its on the shelf I clearly told him.Now off he went got a bucket of water put in mixer 10 mins later as it was mixing my boss went passed mixer,something wrong with this mix Maurice ,Oh had a look and looked at young guy and said you did get the bucket off shelf? No I picked one off floor,mix was ruined as it had turned to crumb.
Now the moral of this is exactly what my trainer was telling me the other day Just because you Tell them don't assume the will do it,and phase 2 Just cause you get right answer to your Q+A don't think for 1 min they are going to do it right.
Had a word with the guy and said Listen mate you did hear me clearly tell you to lift the bucket of the shelf? Yes sorry about that my mind just went blank from i left the table to walk to fridge,was his reply.I really got an eye opener today,but at least the guy was honest and told the boss that I had give him proper instructions.
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07-08-09 21:21:22

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Re: never assume~~

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Re: never assume~~

to ASSUME is to make an 'ASS' out of 'U' and 'ME' - not sure but I think David Brent said that in the TV series 'The Office'!!!
Good advice given.


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