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1st Check Test - help!

I've got my first check test next week and I've got a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I'm a little bit worried about the fault analysis. I've been qualified for over a year now, and had 25+ pupils and a good pass rate, but what worries me is that in the real world I deal with faults but I'm sure that I've adapted it to suit my style of teaching which is less formal and structured than part 3. On the check test do you need to revert back to exactly how you were on part 3 test, or do the examiners take into account that you will have changed your tactics through experience and personal style?

I've chosen to do role-play and have decided to do pedestrian crossings with crossing traffic and anticipation. It doesn't mention the use of signals so I'm unsure whether the examiner will assume you would include this in the briefing and lesson or that it would be taken that the he would have covered this already.

Would the examiner expect you to brief on crossings, crossing traffic, anticipation and maybe signals(?), because if that's the case, I'll be sat in the car park for 20 minutes!  yikes

Can you decide to do these subjects as phase 1 or phase 2, or does the examiner tell you at the start?

I know there's a lot of questions here but would really appreciate any help on any that you can advise me on.  smile

Thanks, Heidi

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Re: 1st Check Test - help!

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Re: 1st Check Test - help!

Hi Heidi

All role play is 'phase 2' on Check tests (Previously covered)
What you really need is some professional training before going for it, it doesnt sound as if you know what is expected.

Dont put 'part 3' subjects together in the real world (For example crossings and signals). Most of all, core comps are core comps on part 3 and in the real world!
Good luck but spend a few quid wisely and get some training! You need to know what will be expected on the day.
Diffiucult to do just from some answers on an internet forum.

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