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Kids in cars

I truthfully cannot believe what I saw today, surely I am not so old that I am imagining things. I was waiting for my grandson to come out of school and a car whizzed round the corner, skidded up the pavement, and came to a stop within inches of a fence. A child of about 10 got out of the driving seat, laughing, was handed a baby from the passenger seat, and went off down the road. Then a girl, maybe 17 or 18 got out of the passenger side, calmly walked around the car, got in the drivers seat and drove off. I really am still so shocked, should I have taken the car number, but who would have believed it. I really didn't think to take the number, because I still don't believe what I saw.  All I can think of is that someone could have been killed.


05-06-09 21:06:30

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Re: Kids in cars

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Re: Kids in cars

There were probably hidden cameras somewhere, recording a programme for "Traffic Cops".
Seriously though, it seems that it is common behaviour in some areas, these people need removing from the gene pool.


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