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#1 06-04-05 12:56:57


I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Hi guys, i said ide let you guys know either way.

Heres my little story  lol

I live in Harwich, my test was in bedford, never been there before!!  We got very lost, trying to find the DSA center, but made it with 10 minutes to go, i got off to a very BAD start!  I got 3 minors before i left the car park  lol   As i did my 1st manouver in the car park, reverse park, 2 minors, and 1 minor for the show me tell me part.

It was raining, i didnt know the town, i was nervous the whole way through, i kept seeing him tick boxes!!  lol

He asked me to do a 3 point turn, i did it in 5!  So another 2 minors went on lol

I got back to the car park after 40 minutes in a sweaty, hand shaking nervous wreck, and he asked me if my trip to bedford was worth it, i said, i dont know yet, he replied "i think it was"  lol

I passed with 8 minors.

Thanks to you guys with your help with all my questions before my test, i love this forum now, and i really appreciate the help i got.

Thanks again guys.

Matt  8)

06-04-05 12:56:57

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Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

#2 06-04-05 13:16:48

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Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Well done really pleased big_smile  big_smile

Idid it smile if i can anyone can


#3 06-04-05 18:20:01


Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Nice one, glad all the sweat was worth it! Well done for keeping it together after starting badly. 8)

#4 09-04-05 08:10:52

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Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Hi Matt,
I bet the examiner had a grin on his chops when he said 'I think it was'!
Like I said to you before, 8 minors is a good score especially as you didn't know the town... though sometimes that can be a bit of a benefit on it's own in a strange way.
Really pleased for you mate, get out and enjoy yourself this weekend, but don't take the car  wink

Carry on Donkey -  you're going the right way for a smacked bottom!


#5 09-04-05 10:03:31


Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Great news!!!!! big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

I bet you floated home. Brilliant well done. I'm really pleased for you.

Many years safe driving now. wink

#6 11-05-05 19:46:04

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Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Congratulations matt21, I bet you are glad you've now got that out of the way  smile


#7 11-05-05 19:52:53


Re: I PASSED.....wooohoooo!

Yahoo - well done..........

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