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Help needed... I don't know what else to do!

Hi guys, I've just begun teaching a Filipino lady with fairly good English and I'm really struggling.

She finds it v. difficult to distinguish between left and right and doesn't really ever listen to what I'm saying, I regularly ask if she understands what I am explaining / demonstrating (without being too patronising) & I still feel like I'm talking to a brick wall.

She had been driving in the Philippines for 6 yrs and obv, their way of doing things is v. different.
I've pretty much started her from the basics and used ALOT of guided of instruction.  But for instance when we've stopped at a junction and a pause becomes a wait, after asking her 2-3 times and pointing to the parking brake she looks at me blankly as I eventually apply it for her... this is just 1 thing of many that I feel I am getting nowhere with.

It's def, a challenge but all the while I'm in the car, I'm just thinking... what is the point, stuff the money, you're helpless!  I know I shouldn't be feeling / talking this way but as I only have maybe 20-25 hrs teaching experience on my pink, I'm finding it really difficult. 

Her sugar daddy is paying for her to have an intensive course & wanting her to pass in the next 3 months!!!
I am currently giving her 7hrs tuition pr week and I feel she is not really improving at all.  I've tried various methods of getting to understand certain things but I feel like coming home and tearing my hair out whilst crying in the corner half way through each lesson!  I dread seeing her each day!

Tips and advice? What would you do?  :?


25-03-09 09:22:29

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Re: Help needed... I don't know what else to do!

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Re: Help needed... I don't know what else to do!

Hi Emma,

firstly your frustrations are understandable, I have taught a number of foreign pupils, who have driven at home and they can present you with problems.

Firstly the confusion with left and right is common with lots of pupils, you can get her to put L and R on the back of her hands which helps, you can point to the left when you are giving verbal instruction. Talk to her about this at the start of the lesson and make sure she understands what you plan. You will find a lot of pupils get their left and rights mixed up at junctions because they are trying to scramble through what you have told them, and take in observations etc. Remember she may have driven for 6 years but not the way you are expecting her to. Once she gets used to the routines you give her the left and rights should improve, she is going to find what you are trying to do alien to her way of thinking. Think back to your part 2, I bet you had to re-learn things.

If she is not doing things the way you like, then this is where you really must take control of the lesson. Make sure that you don't move onto anything else until you are happy with the basics, if she is driving on an international licence on her own, then that is going to be a problem as she will certainly slip into her old habits.

Above all do not be afraid of being candid, she wants to pass her test in 3 months, fine, but she needs to do things the way you tell her, or she simply won't be able to pass her test.

Hope this helps a bit. Ev

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Re: Help needed... I don't know what else to do!

Thanks Ev,

I will def give these ideas a go and see how I get on x


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Re: Help needed... I don't know what else to do!

Could she be just doing it for the sugerdaddys sake, but not
have her heart in it. Have had a few pupils who just turn up
and expect to learn to drive without any mental effort on their
part. Its like one step forward then one step back the following
Keep taking the money :evil: and trying, :angel: but don't let it get you down,
its no reflection on you.
On the left and right, point with your hand as you say it, eventually
she may remember, but then again she might not.  roll

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