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#1 21-02-05 13:34:52

jelly tot

guarantee/return on a car battery

ok my battery ran flat on my car  (punto) due to it not being used for a couple of months, i went to halfords and picked one up for £40.00, BUT when i got home and looked under the bonnet a realised that the battery is too big for my car ( the battery already in my car is tiny) so i charged the original battery from the one i bought, job done. but i now have no use for the battery which is too big, can i take it back to halfords ? i have the recept and it has a 3 year warrenty or what do i do with it as it is not needed now. any help appreciated as i havent a clue !!!!!!!

21-02-05 13:34:52

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Re: guarantee/return on a car battery

#2 22-02-05 20:32:08


Re: guarantee/return on a car battery

Personally I'd just take it back with my proof of purchase and explain that as its too big you don't need it anymore but omitting to tell them that you have "taken" any charge from it.
They will most probably just say "okay" here's a refund.

#3 26-03-05 10:50:18

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Re: guarantee/return on a car battery

Hi Jellt-tot
I would probably take the punto back!
wink  lol


#4 26-03-05 14:08:53


Re: guarantee/return on a car battery

If you've not used it, take it back and they should refund you. The worst you should expect is an exchange for the correct one for your car.

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