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Driving and Multiple Sclerosis

A member of my family has recently been diagnosed with MS, which apparently is a notifiable condition as far as the DVLA are concerned. She has filled in the appropriate form, and sent it off to DVLA. What we need to know is - what happens next? Any info appreciated.


23-01-09 20:46:53

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Re: Driving and Multiple Sclerosis

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Re: Driving and Multiple Sclerosis

The DVLA has a MA (Medcal Advisor), they will consult information from the doctor that is dealing with your family member.  A decision will be based on the information given from the questionnaire and any other persons that have been contacted about strengths, weaknesses and the severity or type of disability.

Decisions that may be taken: Assessment may need to be taken with an authorised ADI (Mobility), then a recommendation for either more lessons before they have their licence back or may be signed of ok there and then.
It may meen that strengths and weaknesses need to be assessed further by an occupational therapist that specialises in getting people back on the road after or during an illness - anything from stroke to MS(shall we say).
If you want more in depth information there are mobility centres all over the country - let me know and I can advise if you would like


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