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#1 29-09-08 20:20:19

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Part 2

Hi everyone

I am so glad I find this site, I have been reading the boards for the last hour or so and its great to read everyones experiences.

I passed my part 2 last week, and am so happy as I cant believe how nervous I was, I felt sick for the week prior to the morning of the test!!!

My test seemed to go on forever I thought it was supposed to be an hour, but it was the longest 1 hour and half of my life.

Now for part 3 omg the nerves all over again


29-09-08 20:20:19

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Re: Part 2

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Re: Part 2

You'll be fine, your 2/3 of the way there.

its a long battle, and mentally tiring, but the rewards will pay off, just not overnight

Keep battiling and dont quit, theres tons of advice for part III tests etc. I took a lot of advice off here and it sure helped.

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