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minor/serious/dangerous Faults

Can you guys and girls help me with this, i can think of the minor faults easily but struggle to think of some examples of serious and dangerous, can you help me with this?

any examples would help me understand when to pull the se over or when to do on the move! :?


02-09-08 08:28:58

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Re: minor/serious/dangerous Faults

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Re: minor/serious/dangerous Faults

A serious fault is any fault which is potentialy dangerous. A dangerous fault is a fault that is actually dangerous.

For example, you approach a roundabout, slow down but forget to look and drive onto the roundabout. nothing coming so no harm done = serious fault.

You approach the same roundabout and do the same thing, but there is a car coming aorund the roundabout and the examiner either has to tell you stop, uses the duals or allows you to drive on but the other driver has to change speed or direction as a result = Dangerous fault.

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