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Weybridge Test Centre

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but need some advice, please.  Would anybody know if Weybridge Test Centre is still open?  This was the test centre I originally thought about taking my test at, but around the end of last year when I checked on the internet there was talk of it shutting down.  I was absolutely gutted because the area is really quiet and I thought I would stand more of a chance of passing my test there rather than the test centre that I'll probably have to use now which is in quite a busy area.  Any info would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


24-07-08 15:56:34

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Re: Weybridge Test Centre

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Re: Weybridge Test Centre

A more local ADI would be able to give you a proper answer, but it's still listed on the DSA's website, however with no information on availability of tests or any statistics. So afraid I'm not sure... nearest alternative showing is at Chertsey, which has availabilty info.


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Re: Weybridge Test Centre

Sorry Jo. The Weybridge test centre closed down (in March I think). Most of the examiners relocated to Chertsey which is a similar area in terms of roads & traffic density. The test centre at Chertsey has a car park, clean loos & nice waiting room in contrast to Weybridge which had none of the above.

Good luck!


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Re: Weybridge Test Centre

I'll echo what Martin said Jo - Chertsey is great. In fact we use Chertsey for our pupils tests more often than we use our nearest test centre (Slough)...shorter waiting times, nice centre and the examiners are pretty cool too  smile

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