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Starting Part 2

I'm starting my part 2 on Saturday and i'm just wondering if anyone had any tips.

Also how are the lesson planed, how hours do you do with an instructor and how many hours do you practice for?

Thanks in advance


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08-07-08 10:19:34

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Re: Starting Part 2

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Re: Starting Part 2


Ive just stared my part 2 training. I did 3 hours in one afternoon got my second lesson this thursday again another 3 hours. Im training with Learner Driver Training Centre going really well. Instructor very good I practice for an extra hour or so a week doing TIR ETC good luck.


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Re: Starting Part 2

Not enough. You need to practice until you are blue in the face, then some more.

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Re: Starting Part 2

I've had a fair few lessons with my instructor, probably about 25 hours, i always have 2.5 hours at a time. Then when i drive my own car, i always try and drive to the standard im taught, which has given me hours of private practice.

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Re: Starting Part 2

Just like everyone else said. Practice practice and practice.

When you are driving on your own keep doing what you are told by your instructor and you will soon find yourself doing it without even thinking about it


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Re: Starting Part 2

I echo that. All ADI';s and PDI's should drive at the highest standard possible ALL THE TIME. I could take and eaily pass my part 2 tomorrow. How many ADI's actually could? OK, so I am a trainer as well, but a lot have two standards. I have just the one. Do the same, be the best and this will be very easy for you.

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