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#1 07-03-05 14:09:20


Part 1 Road signs

Hi,this is my first post just like to say hello to everybody -recieved my part 1 ADI Test date today March 23.

In the part 1 ADI theory test is there  any graphic content i.e picture of a road sign-identify it,or is it purely text based multiple choice?

Also like to say what a great site i have learnt so much just from reading the previous posts-and  glad i found it so early in my training.

07-03-05 14:09:20

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Re: Part 1 Road signs

#2 07-03-05 14:31:12


Re: Part 1 Road signs

All the mock tests i've done just describe road signs in a text form, eg, what shape is a Give Way sign?, etc. Good luck with your test.

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Re: Part 1 Road signs

When I did my part 1 there were no pictures, only text based questions.  I think it's the same for everyone, although I'm sure there are others who can confirm that for certain.

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Re: Part 1 Road signs

Hi guys,
I did my Pt 1 last June and the questions about signs were all text based in the same form as Simon mentioned -
'you may cross solid white lines on your right only if...'
'diamond shaped signs are for...?'
and stuff like that.
Keep studying and good luck with your training,

Carry on Donkey -  you're going the right way for a smacked bottom!


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