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Don't Ask Don't Get

Insurance companies ..what are they like?  Buildings and insurance renewal with current insurer (RBS) £730.  Hmm I don't think so.  Get a quote off Direct Line £284.  Tell RBS to do something about it and after a lot of huffing and puffing now they can amazingly renew it at £288.  Oh but he did ask me if Direct Line included accidental damage with that lot. Yes they did thank you.

Just goes to show how they take the pee when they think they can and if I'd said it didn't include A/D they probably had another figure on standby.

And they're the same company.    Mad.    roll


02-06-08 11:09:09

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Re: Don't Ask Don't Get

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Re: Don't Ask Don't Get

Our contents insurance was the same last year (buildings insurance covered as part of rented part of the house as we're shared ownership). Costs me £13.50 a month, got renewal through in September for £26 a month... rang them up to find out why it had doubled and they couldn't answer. Told them I had several other quotes that were only £8 a month for £10k more cover and got it discounted to £8 for an extra 15k plus guaranteed not to rise this year. Needless to say, VERY happy big_smile

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