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First time on Motorway


Could anyone give me some advice? I want to go on the motorway on my own but very wary of doing it . I did a pass pluss course on it and that was good. When i go anywhere with my parents i alway feel uncomfertouble when they are in the car with me. When i'm on my own driving i feel fine but driving on my own on a motorway i may feel bit scared.

Any advice on this ?

Many thanks



30-05-08 19:15:14

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Re: First time on Motorway

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Re: First time on Motorway

When I first went on the motorway (the M5) I found it easy, just like a 3 lane dual carriageway but people drive a lot faster. I was trotting along at about 75 and was getting overtaken a lot.


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Re: First time on Motorway

Just think back to your pass plus and remember, Motorways are, statistically, our safest road types by far!

Try and choose a quiet time of day first and, maybe, just do 1 junction, pull off and find somewhere to stop and review how it went in your mind.  What didn't you like?  What were you pleased with?


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Re: First time on Motorway

Choose a quiet time for your first solo motorway drive (Sunday morning?). Reading between the lines you'll probably be happier on your own (no passengers). As Nigel says try just 1 junction first, that way you can always go home along the back roads.

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Re: First time on Motorway

Motorways are very safe and the place to take extra care is the on ramp( when cars and mainly trucks join the motorway) when a truck sees another truck coming down the on ramp he will most likely indicate very briefly and pull over, this is not bad driving it is good practise to keep the m/way running, if the truck had to slow right up he would block the 1st lane going through all the gears when he was fully loaded.
when you see an on ramp just stay back untill you are clear of it, and never go up the side of a truck by a ramp, you may be in his blind spot.
also have a look at the number plate when passing a truck if it is a foreign one, be very carefull his blind spot is bigger.
good luck


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