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Lpg dual fual

do any of you think it would be benificial to convert the car you already have to Lpg, or would it be better to buy one thats already  dual fuel . between 39-54 is the price per litre and the way the petrol prices are set to soar it might be worth thinking about.


01-05-08 22:48:08

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Re: Lpg dual fual

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Re: Lpg dual fual

Carlos uses it in his beamer

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Re: Lpg dual fual

I converted my nissan micra about 2 years ago, works out well, not really measured the savings but I think its worth it.  From what I remember, the conversion cost about £1400.  I live in Sheffield and the council do a green parking scheme so I also get free parking on council parking bays, which adds to the benefits.  Downside is that I've lost some boot space. If you decide to convert, get a larger tank as it saves you having to fill up more regular.


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