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#1 07-05-08 15:13:39

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Failed :(

Failed my test today - first attempt, 4s 9m, the examiner took me on a route that I've never been on before (or seen for that matter!) all my serious errors happened in this area :eek: it completely threw me! and to say that I was nervous is an understatement! it felt like everything was shaking! My examiner was lovely though tried his best to put me at ease I'm not too upset though, off to book another test now roll


07-05-08 15:13:39

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Re: Failed :(

#2 07-05-08 15:55:37

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Re: Failed :(

Sorry to hear your Result, try downloading the "Routes" for your local T/Centre, gives you an idea of where they go on test, ask your ADI to re visit the route to highlight where you failed.

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Re: Failed :(

sometimes the test routes you can download are out of date. I know the ones for my local test centre are.


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Re: Failed :(

Same kind of thing happened to me, i got taken on a route i wasn't used to, the theory is your meant to be able to drive anywhere so it doesn't matter where they take you! That didn't help me either when i was sat there wondering where the heck i was going.

As someone else on this thread said to me when i didn't pass, its only delayed success.  At least now you have an idea for next time and it takes a lot of guts to have a go at it in the first place, so well done for trying.


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Re: Failed :(

Sorry to hear you failed.  My instructor has took me on as many of the known test routes as he can, but hes warned me that at their discretion an examiner can change the routes or go on a non test route if he wants to.  When you have passed your test though you are always going to have to get used to differant roads, complex roundabouts you havnt been on etc thats the way they must see it.

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