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So glad it was last Friday!

Haven't been on for a while - have had mega internet problems. Just wanted to let you all know that my son passed his practical last Friday at the age of 17yrs 3 1/2mths. I am so over the moon and made up, obviously he's chuffed to bits too. He is my first success.

22/06/07 - part 1 - 93% 64
31/07/07 - part 2 - passed 3m
11/05/09 - part 3 - 4/4


28-02-08 12:27:38

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Re: So glad it was last Friday!

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Re: So glad it was last Friday!

Well done June: it's great when you get a pass: even better when it's first time: and when it's your own son - Well I don't know who was more nervous: them or me.


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