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Fialed my test again (2'nd time)

Had my second test today and I failed again. I did it at Chingford this time instead of Wanstead because I got an earlier test date. I got one serious and one dangerous. The first thing I had to do was a revise bay park as we were in the test centre car park and it was clear. Resved and parked in to the bay no problem but, There was a car than came in to the car park as I started and I didn't see it. I kept moving and then I see this red car next to me. I should have stoped and let the car go passed before continuing with the bay park. That was the serious. On the way back to the test centre I came to a double mini roundabout. Sign said give way to people coming down from the right. Go to the first roundabout nothing coming so I drove on. I didn't see the line for the next mini roundabout so didn't slow down. I went over the line and there was a car coming from the left so had to brake suddenly. that was the dangerous.  My other driving wasn't that bad a few silly things but they were minors. I jsut make these stupid mistakes which cost me and it's really annoying.


06-02-08 17:09:34

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Re: Fialed my test again (2'nd time)

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Re: Fialed my test again (2'nd time)

sorry to hear that , good luck with your next test smile


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Re: Fialed my test again (2'nd time)

keep at it, dont let it get you down. good luck next time.


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