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#1 29-01-08 20:09:43

scaredy cat
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big_smile  Passed 1st time yesterday with 6 minors.  Delighted.  Had 3 instructors and about 90 lessons over 18 months and finally did it.  tongue


29-01-08 20:09:43

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Re: Passed!!!!!!

#2 30-01-08 10:18:24

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Re: Passed!!!!!!

Well Done You! Congratulations on a great achievement, your perseverence has paid off and your reward is your Full Drivinglicence.Keep Safe, and remember the 5 Good Habits....1) LOOK WELL AHEAD
              2)MOVE YOUR EYES
              3)SPOT THE HAZARDS
              4)KEEP SPACE
              5)BE SEEN.
I've been driving for 32 years and it's enabled me to get employment, transport my family and for the last 9 years,given me a fascinating and rewarding career as a Driving Instructor. Enjoy your new independence and keep building your skills on the foundations of your Pass! JLS 


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