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pdi licence

can anybody offer any advice. im not so sure i want to sign up with bsm whilst on a pdi training with bsm. on part 2 at the mo. is it possible that i can take out a pdi licence with another compayn as i dont want to be working at a major loss.i dont want to stay with them after im on a green but worried if i take out 6 mth pdi work for them whilst training ill have to stay for a couple of months once qualified. i want to work full time on a greem but im not paying 360 quid a week for a car!! any help gratefully recieved

13-02-05 22:31:25

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Re: pdi licence

#2 13-02-05 22:38:25

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Re: pdi licence

Yo, the best advice i can give is to find a small local school or indipendant ADI. When i did mine a small local school gave me lots of work and NO CHARGES for training. Note that BSM will charge you a very large amount of money for training as well. :twisted:


#3 14-02-05 22:24:44

adi chris

Re: pdi licence

Hi i've just started on a trainee licence, I was going to go with a local school, But they still wanted £210 a week. :shock:
I found a local adi who said i could go on his licence and is not going to charge me anything, so bought my own car sorted the insurance and duels and am on my way, I have to put his name on car untill i pass and do my own advertiseing. Plus the 20hrs extra if on a trainee. But hey.If you need any info pm me. Chris.

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Re: pdi licence

thanks chris if its ok id love to pm you a bit nearer the time.thanks for your input.

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