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Super Mario
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Manouvres How do you do yours?

Hi I was wondering how everyone did their manouvres.  Thought it may be useful if I posted how I do mine.
The car I'm learning is a Ford Fiesta.

Parallel Parking I've been taught to pull up reasonably close to the car and wait untill my hands are level with the end of the car.  Then do safety checks around the car.  Then reverse back untill the writing on the back window is at the end of the car then stop and do safety check round the car.  Then turn wheel one full revolution to the left then watch untill wheel flair is over the kerb then briskly steer to the right to full lock untill six inches away from car in front and keep the wheel at full lock so you can drive out.  Will update later. At college at the moment.


28-11-07 12:51:00

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Re: Manouvres How do you do yours?

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