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I havent been around for awhile but for any of those that do remember me, here's a little update!

I passed my IAM test first time a few months back, so thats the DIAmond and the IAM under my belt now!

I had a Part 2 lesson with an ADI, and to cut along story very short it was one of the worse driving experinces in my life, the ADI was the worse ADI ive ever met, and i'll actually find the post i put somewhere else and copy it here, explains it all there!

After this, my confidence was knocked, well and truely knocked and it wasnt till this week that i finally feel ready to move on and find someone else to train with, i think the drive in a brand new 57 Yaris boosted my confidence!  big_smile Anyways the search is on for someone to start more training with and i think i'll get the guts to resgiter as well, not sure if ill get accepted yet or not....Only had my Lisence 3 years 1 month!


20-09-07 22:19:26

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Re: Update

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Re: Update

Wow!  What a plonker!

What area are you in?  Is there anyone on here who could help you?

Good Luck


National Standards Cycling Instructor, Ex Adi


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