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it was my diamond test today and...

Got picked up at 8am was absoloutly knackered cos id been awake since 4am *doh!* got to luton where i was taking my test drove around did my manaovres and they were all reasonable didnt hit the kerb it was all fine. 9.15am im getting even more nervous and starting not to think  anyways we start to head towards my meeting point with the examiner.

10am Test starts... im stupuidly nervous. My test started ok but then within 2 mins he asked me to a right hand reverse  o noo i thought but i tried to get it together, didnt happen i did a last minute observation and moved the steering wheel at the same time which sent the back wheel up and over the pavement and the front wheel followed suit  so there was i 55 minutes to go and i knew that it was all over and i dont recover from things like that specially when im nervous as i was this morning. what followed was by far the worst bit of driving ive ever done short of nothing my test ended at 11.05 am and i had clocked up 4 serious and 8 minor faults 

i wholly admit i deserved it, and tbh id gotten to the point over the last few days where id got so nervous that i jst didnt care pass or fail i jst wanted it over and done so i could sleep better.

so next step as the examiner put it i havent failed ive deferred success and to get back into it take some more lessons with my adi who he spoke with and book again maybe not till im comfy with a couple of things he sed tho.

dont really know how to feel i think i feel more disappointed now an hr after coming in than i did when he told me. Its hard because ok i lose nothing and gain nothing its nice to show off what you are capable of and i didnt manage it

ADI part 1 - passed 1st attempt 11/5/09 97/63
ADI part 2 - passed 1st attempt 03/09/09 - 1 minor big_smile
ADI part 3........... start training 27/9/09 then we shall see!


20-09-07 13:44:04

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Re: it was my diamond test today and...

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Re: it was my diamond test today and...

Sorry to hear that giggles, just focus now on getting more experience before you put in for it again.


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