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Please do not post topics with a strong sexual theme.

I don't want to put to many restrictions on what can be posted in the General topics section, but please bear in mind that we have young people visiting this site looking for driving advice, and sometimes even under 17 driving lessons. Sometimes even their parents take an interest and read the site, and it's important that we do not offend people or give people the wrong impression of the site.

I've had a few complaints recently about topics that have had a strong sexual theme, so I ask you all to remember to make sure topics are appropriate for all ages.

I realise most people are not offended by such posts, but I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable visiting the site.

Also please refrain from posting any religious or political topics, there is another section for that.



28-08-07 18:46:28

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Re: Please do not post topics with a strong sexual theme.

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