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LGV Training Endorsements on License

Hi All,

I'm seriously looking into getting my LGV licenses and have been in contact with various training bodies regarding the courses etc. Unfortunately none of these companies I've been in contact with have been able to provide an answer to the question which is basically holding me back from stumping up.

Unfortunately I've made a few mistakes over the years and have had something of a jaded driving career as a result. What I need to know is, can I find employment with the varioyus endorsements I have floating around on my License?

I have a DR10 which is now 10 years old, which I receieved at the time an 18 month ban for. This can be removed from my license in 12 months time, but will it still affect employment at this stage? The second endorsement is a DR30, which is now 6 years old, but again must stay on my license for 11 years. I also have an IN10 and BA10 which can come off my license in 4 months time.

If I commit and stump up to gain the licenses what are the lielihood of finding employment with the endorsements as they stand?

Most are long since spent, but do still appear at the moment.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated.



07-08-07 09:31:55

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Re: LGV Training Endorsements on License

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Re: LGV Training Endorsements on License

I have a relative who was banned twice for drink driving and now works as a driver for the NHS on the class 2's Category C.

You would be best contacting some local haulage companies and speaking to them directly. Some companies will employ you and put you through your tests.

Be wary of training companies who claim that there are hundreds of jobs out there, they just want your money.

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Re: LGV Training Endorsements on License


For your info the company that I work for will not insure any driver with a DR code offence that resulted in a ban, whilst it still remains on their licence which is 11 years.  I would certainly enquire with possible employers to see what their requirements are.

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