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how to prolong the life of car clutches

  Don’t rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving; you will take up the slack between thrust and release bearings and wear them out.
•  Don’t leave the car in gear with your foot on the clutch at traffic lights for the same reason. 
•  Don’t hold the car on a hill by slipping the clutch for longer than absolutely necessary when doing a hill-start. You will wear out the friction surface. 
•  Release the handbrake gradually with your thumb on the release button as you lift the clutch and press the accelerator.
•  Don’t slip clutches deliberately to avoid changing gear.
•  Make sure that there is a little free play in the pedal movement before you start to feel the weight; if there is no slack you may need to adjust the cable housing or the clutch rod. 
•  If you have hydraulic clutch control, make sure the reservoir is as well topped up as that for the brake system. 


15-06-07 10:36:45

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Re: how to prolong the life of car clutches

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