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#1 29-01-05 17:14:46


Renault battery - I'm puzzled

Just baught a new battery for my Renault Laguna, s reg, 2ltr Rt sport.

I know it is the right battery because I was very careful to make sure of that. The problem is that my current battery has a thread on the positive nodule thingy (the bit that the wires attach to) and the wires screw onto it, and the new one doesn't.

Can you buy threads to fit on batteries?

Am I making any sense here?

29-01-05 17:14:46

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Re: Renault battery - I'm puzzled

#2 29-01-05 18:18:55

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Re: Renault battery - I'm puzzled

You should be able to take them off the old battery and fit them to the new one. I think they just pull off but don't quote me on that.


#3 31-01-05 15:52:01


Re: Renault battery - I'm puzzled

Yep, after half a can of WD40 and a few blisters on my hands, I manged to get them off the old battery and onto the new one. thanks for that.

Yay! At last one of my cars is back on the road!!!!  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile  big_smile  big_smile

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