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#1 08-03-04 13:43:08


Intensive driving lessons

I need to know where i can have some lessons and pass my test within a week, urgent!
Passing my test soon is vital to my furture!

Please help!

08-03-04 13:43:08

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Re: Intensive driving lessons

#2 08-03-04 14:18:42

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Re: Intensive driving lessons

Sorry we don't cover that area.Try looking down the promote your driving school section to see if there is somebody that covers your area.    smile

Always look on the bright side of life.


#3 08-03-04 15:53:58


Re: Intensive driving lessons

Surrey is a big place, where are you more accuratly or can you travel?

#4 08-03-04 15:58:59


Re: Intensive driving lessons

welcome on board, Mwadsworth.

I'm sure if you keep dropping in, there'll be someone in later who's able to help you out.

And post as many questions as you want, in fact the more the better!

#5 27-03-04 20:52:20


Re: Intensive driving lessons

Intensive Courses have their place and if someone asks me to do one I will usually try to oblige.

Personally I dont see that doing 20 lessons in two weeks is any worse than doing 20 lessons in 20 weeks.

In fact I believe that  because continuity is unbroken the driving regime is more positive and there is less time to forget and become distracted

It has been my experience that 20 lessons can usually be condensed down to around 18 lessons for a complete beginner who has not driven before and who does not drive other than with me..

All my lessons are two hours.

The only rider I would add to what I have said is that after the course driving should continue regularly.


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