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Re: First IAM observed drive today.

Good luck for tomorrow, you won't need it I'm sure wink and remember they can't take anything away from you big_smile



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Re: First IAM observed drive today.

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Re: First IAM observed drive today.

Well the check run went well enough. I did let myself down by sneaking a tiny bit over the speed limit on two seperate occasions and I justly ashamed of myself.

Anyway the Sen. Obs. was sufficiently impressed with my overall driving, on account of the fact that apart from my two speeding misdemeanors he couldn't find anything else to criticise. He also said he was going to put my name forward for associate of the year - with the caveat that my speeding errors might mean that the group may not be prepared to accept the nomination. He also asked me how I would feel about becoming an observer - I think I need to pass the test before I even think about anything else - maybe my local group are desperate for observers?

Anyway I have been given leave to apply for my test.

Will kep you all posted.

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