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Hello all! HPT tomorrow!

Just thought I'd say Hi and introduce myself!
I'm a qualified (currently Grade 6) ADI of some 16 years experience up here on the Yorkshire Coast. I use a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 Diesel which went on the road between Christmas and new year. This replaced my Fiesta 1.4 petrol which I bought in May 2004 and that has now gone back to Ford! It had a constant 'pinking' problem that Ford could not cure and they eventually told me was 'a characteristic' of the engine! Yeh and I'm the pope's brother!!
Lots of complaints (and the odd mild threat) later and they swapped it for this one, which, so far is a lot better! We'll see!
I've got my HPT tomorrow and after reading the posts from other ADI's who've fallen foul of the 'clicking too early' problem I must say I'm a little concerned. We do though advise our students to 'keep clicking' when they see a developing hazard so I suppose we professionals should do the same. I'll find out in the morning I suppose!


17-01-05 18:08:09

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Re: Hello all! HPT tomorrow!

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Re: Hello all! HPT tomorrow!

Welcome to the site Scarborian

Good luck with your HPT!  smile

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Re: Hello all! HPT tomorrow!

Hi Scarborian and welcome to the forum,  big_smile
Hope all goes well for the HPT tomorrow, let us know how you get on.


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Re: Hello all! HPT tomorrow!

Hi, best of luck for tomorrow from a former scarborian (well i used to live there anyway), for what its worth i think over clicking comes from chasing 5 points from every clip, just remember you only have to average 4 points per clip to pass so no heroics.

Cheers, Tony brown

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