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#1 25-02-07 21:48:20


DipDI Study Partner (new idea!!!)

Okay, so it's a bit of a strange request, but I'm looking to study for the DipDI for May 2008 exams (too busy for this year) and was wondering if there's anyone around the Chelmsford area thinking the same. I work better with a study partner, someone to bounce ideas off.

Edit: Okay, so no takers on the local study partner. I have received a message from someone on here about having an MSN online study session, and it got me thinking that it could be a good idea. May be meet up online one or two evenings a week to chat about problems etc.

Just wondered if anyone else was interested??


25-02-07 21:48:20

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Re: DipDI Study Partner (new idea!!!)

#2 08-04-07 12:05:22

Josephs Grandad

Re: DipDI Study Partner (new idea!!!)

Hi Carl, I'd be interested in MSN aspect, tried to pm you but it won't get through, I'm on MSN as Play Off's this Season.

#3 13-05-07 04:03:44

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Re: DipDI Study Partner (new idea!!!)

Hi Carl

I am in desperate need of this as well (start my study every year - till everything else gets in the way lol) - I would hoin your group.  Let me know what to do, coz msn confuses me :?


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