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#1 09-01-05 12:57:53

Diane I
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pt 3

Would it be ok for me to phone round some local driving schools to see if I could sit in on a few lessons to see an ADI in action or would this be frowned upon.


09-01-05 12:57:53

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Re: pt 3

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From: Nottingham
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Re: pt 3

I'd certainly be pleased to let a PDI sit in on lessons, but it's not really up to me, the pupil is paying for the lesson.  When it is someone I know, I usually offer the pupil a small reduction, or extra time, but I do explain that it is good practice to have someone in the back, in case they have an extra examiner on test, and to get used to the extra weight, when they've got their mates in after passing.
I can't see any thing wrong with phoning round.

Midge  -   Dip D.I.


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