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Help for a pt3 failure

I've been training since Oct 03...   :cry:

However, I had my pt3 3rd attempt yesterday (6/jan) and failed with 5-3. I am gutted to say the least. I cannot imagine not becoming an ADI now, it's a real ambition of mine, and I know I can do it - one day.

I will now have to wait until Dec 05 to re-sit my pt1. The reason I'm posting this message is to see if anyone can help me at this stage, maybe with some advice or guidance.

I'm wondering if there is any kind of employment where my training to this point would be an advantage. Therefore, allowing me to still use my skills until re-taking my exams, and taking some refresher training.

I would be extremely grateful for any help.

Thank you and best regards.
Sheila   smile

08-01-05 14:10:11

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Re: Help for a pt3 failure

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Re: Help for a pt3 failure

Hi, I can sympatize with you.
But I have just pt 3.
I trained with a national college and i failed first attempt. Felt very let down. I asked about and got on to a specialist adi trainer. ok it cost another £1000, for 40 hours, but I passed. Look at John Farlams web- site. Smart driving, i was going there if i failed again. Go to your local ins association meetings and ask. They do say that the biggest cause of failure is lack of preparation. Get ins manuals  and read from cover to cover. Looking at getting a 5 on phase one your briefings were ok. My biggest help was a trainee licence where you but it all in practice. I cant imagine any one passing that hasnt been a trainee.
yours sloppy

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Re: Help for a pt3 failure

Hi Sheila

I'm so sorry you failed.  I passed 3rd attempt and I know it's terribly nervewracking.

Please though don't give up.  People who've failed first time round have been known to sail through second time.  Keep up to date with all that's going on so you can re-take your theory and HPT straight away then straight onto part 2 etc.,

With regards to a trainee licence, I disagree with Sloppy.  I know plenty of people who've passed part 3 first attempt without going out on a trainee licence.  They had good trainers; were 'coached' through it via pure role play.  NOT like the real thing I know, but then I went out on a trainee and found the examiner did  NOT behave like a real pupil......

Swings and roundabouts...

I do however agree that John Farlam's website is very good;  I also purchased Part 3 blueprints from Brian Stratton.  I only had 2 hours training with my trainer in between my 2nd and 3rd attempt.  The rest of it was done with the Driving Instructors Handbook and Brian Stratton's stuff.

As for employment....well apart from 'driving' jobs I can't think of much off the top of my head.  Bet someone else will have some ideas though!! 

As I said, chin up; keep your fingers in the pie.  If you really want to do it I'm sure you'll get there. 



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