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Training in and around Sheffield


Can anyone highly recommend some trg. for Part 3 in Sheffield or surrounding area's if i decide to pull the plug on the TIC. and YES I have paid up front.

I am very unhappy with the quantity of trg I have recd. for the Part 2 which I haven't taken yet, but fingers crossed with the extra sessions I have paid for hoping to pass in a couple of weeks.

I can't see how approx 4/5hrs of tuition all been shared can prepare you for the Part 2. I maybe in the minority here and maybe a bit nieve in all this so,

If the Part 3 trg. is of a similar quantity to the Part 2 ( personally I consider not enough ) is it best to move on as soon as the Part 2 has been passed or give it a shot with TIC bearing in mind like all trainees the 'clock is ticking' ????

look forward to any replies


ps. Please feel free to PM any comments


South Yorks


07-01-05 09:56:45

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Re: Training in and around Sheffield

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