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#1 13-01-07 10:29:41

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Hi Everyone

Hello everyone, i've been reading these forums for a week or 2 now, thought i'd say hi.

I'm very new to this career, I've been Learning / Training since Nov 06. 
Got myself a good trainer and i'll be going it alone (i think)

I've failed my theory twice up to now  :cry:, well... failed my HP twice. I got 100% and 98% on the theory. Guess i'm no good at playing games, (3rd attempt next week) lol.
I think i'm close to being ready for my part 2.  smile

Thats where i'm up to at the moment, looking forward to talking to you all.


Part 1 - Passed 99% 69/75 on 18th Jan 07
Part 2 - Passed 5 minors 1st Feb 07
Currently Working on Part 3


13-01-07 10:29:41

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Re: Hi Everyone

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Re: Hi Everyone

HI.  and welcome to the forum hope your training goes well wink


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Re: Hi Everyone

Hi Tony,

welcome to the forum smile

good luck xxxxxxxxx smile


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