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Sorry, bit of a rant.

Sorry peeps, just letting off some steam.

The company i work for runs a fleet of four trucks, one has just been involved in an accident with a car on a roundabout.
The driver of our truck has been driving for over twenty years, so i think he just about knows whats what!
He was in the roundabout in the right hand lane to take the third of four exits, indicated left after passing the second exit and smashed the sh!t out of a Mercedes who was trying to overtake him in the left hand land to go back the way she came.
When the police turned up, our driver had a bit of a rant, saying the lady was in the wrong but was told she was perfectly within her rights to overtake in the left lane.

I now have to wait here until our truck gets recovered and i've already had customers on giving me grief for not getting deliveries!!

So come on peeps, who's in the right?


02-11-06 16:24:10

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Re: Sorry, bit of a rant.

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Kev D
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Re: Sorry, bit of a rant.

I have to agree with Dimmy on this one, passing the truck on the left is permissable.  Whether the mercedes should have done so is perhaps another matter, but that is difficult to say without knowing the exact circumstances, but it does appear to have gone wrong on this occasion. 

In this situation, both drivers owe a duty of care to each other.  If I was in the mercedes, I would have seen where the truck came from, and anticipated where it would probably be going, and if I thought it was coming off on the next exit, then there is not a cat in hells chance that I would voluntarily place myself alongside it on approach to that exit.  Sometimes it is unavoidable due to weight of traffic, or lack of view past the high sided vehicle and you could find yourself stranded alongside the truck and then you must consider giving the truck some information to let them know you are there, perhaps using the horn.

The truck bears the responsibility of making sure it is safe to cross the lanes and make the exit, which can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so in articulated lorries, as the cab will probably be at a different angle to the trailer, and if the mercedes is alongside the trailer towards the middle or back of it, then the truck may check its mirror and not be able to see that its clear as the mercedes is in the colossal blindspot on the trucks nearside.  This is where the truck should have made sure his signal was given in plenty of time to allow other drivers to react to his signalled intentions. 

Hope this helps

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