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starting my pink licence!

Help, I'm starting on my pink licence next week and although it seems to have been a long time coming, now that it's actually here I don't really know where I'm going to start. Any tips on what to do or maybe what not to do?!

Part 1...100% 63/75
Part 2...3 minors
Part 3...1. 4/3, so close but not close enough
Part 3...2. 4/4 Yippee


31-08-06 19:25:50

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Re: starting my pink licence!

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Re: starting my pink licence!

No 1 Don't panic! You'll fair much better than you think you know a lot more than they do. wink

oh dear


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Re: starting my pink licence!

Always be in control of the vehicle and lesson
Use Recap, Objective, Brief, Summary in lesson plans.
Use Guided, Prompted & Independent Instruction.
Don't let any of the above slip. 
If the pupil has a problem fix it, change the objective if you need to.
If you have gaps in your knowledge, fill them.

The pink is about training & learning give yourself time after each lesson to look at your own performance. 
Was it a good lesson?
Did your pupil learn something?
Did they get their moneys worth?
How could you make it better?

It's a great experience, I've just taught my 1st ever pupil's son to drive who passed 2 weeks ago.  That was a good feeling.

Good luck

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