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#1 27-11-04 19:50:18

yummy mummy

BSM/RAC advanced driving

Has anyone taken the BSM/RAC adv driving exam?

I have mine booked for a few weeks and wondered if anyone has done it also.............Its still quite new so??????

27-11-04 19:50:18

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Re: BSM/RAC advanced driving

#2 29-11-04 19:57:53


Re: BSM/RAC advanced driving


I have taken and passed the RAC Advanced Test and got a platinum grade lol
I found it quite straight forward as the marking system is based on risk as opposed to fault. 

If you need any advice just ask.


#3 30-11-04 17:58:00

yummy mummy

Re: BSM/RAC advanced driving

Hi and thanks for your reply.

How far did you get asked to drive? what exactly happens from start to finish, my instructor told me some things, but I have forgotton. What sort of questions do they ask you.
What manoevres did you have to do?

So what would mark you down in the test then?

How about getting lost on the way to your destination, I am terrible at following a road map etc, I am always getting lost when I dont know where I am going and am worried about doing this when I have my test.

Is it like the DSA test ie no talking and strictish attitude?



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