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Part 3 Full licence holder

Regarding the part 3 test and the full licence holder element
As the DSA havnt been very forthcoming with this.

Some info if anyone is interested

Should be applied in 1 in 3 tests where a full licence holder replaces the trained pupil.L plates may be removed for this stage of test.
Pre set trests are used and content the same as if for a trained pupil.(Column A)

Bizarlly pre set tests 3 and 4 are not being used as a full licence holder shouldnt need instructing for junctions. So FLH dont cut corners or emerge unsafely :? :?

Ive sat in on a couple now where the examiner has role played this option and here is some advice based on that and talking to other trainers and examiners.

The four scenes that may be set are as follows:(The DSA have little imagination)

Driver development in preperation for a job interview requiring an assesment drive.

The client isnt going for test remember here.
They are going for an assesment

Think more coaching than instucting here as you would with a fleet driving course
You must ask what the job involves as a good starting point.This will give a clue as to the driving standard required.(PDI's arent doing this at the moment!) Make sure you also ask what they normally drive and state differences in your car.
Remember dont treat the client as a learner. Look specifically for faults related to the lesson content, but also bad habits (Common ones being tailgaiting,use of speed,poor observation/use of mirrors.etc ect)
Be careful overusing the word fault. Again as in fleet use the word risk.
Make sure you sort the big faults out (Normally related to the lesson content) Your analysis is crucial here you must discover WHY before offering any remedial advice.
Still dont let anything go but PRIORITISE what needs most attention.

Client has been abroad for a couple of years and has now returned to driving in UK.

Again ask where they have been! might sound obvious but isnt happening on many tests. You must assetain what the client is hoping to achieve from going out with a professional instructor.Find out potential problem areas BEFORE they drive.
Again the lesson content will be the big clue to the major faults but many others will be thrown in too.

[color=blue]Client has not driven regulary for some time and will now be required to commute by car between variuos urban locations.

[color=black]Again find out how long since they last drove and why they have come for professional coaching. You could even get quite a ropey drive here due to the circumstances.[/color]
Client has difficulty reverse parking as they were not taught this and realise the need to do this with fewer spaces available to park.[/color]

Teach a definite method that works and is easy to remember. Get them to show you close car control prior to attempting the manoeuvre! Remember the vast majority  of the british public cannot park, so this is a realistic test! Their observation will be rubbish so pounce on this.

If at all possible on the above or any test GET YOUR TRAINER TO SIT IN. Put the examiner under pressure instead of you.

Hope this helps anyone with a part 3 looming, heard a shocking thing today that some companies who shall remain nameless are offering no tuition regarding full licence holders whatsoever.
PM if anyone wants any more info.

James Dawson Grade 6 ADI (Ordit Registered) Ba (Hons) Driver Education
ADI qualification/Check test training/Excelsior DSA Ordit/fleet courses
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01-08-06 19:29:00

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

Thankyou for that Hector. Most helpful for our Pdis here i am sure.  smile

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

Thanks Hector I'm glad someone has come forward and at least shed some clarity on this subject. PDI's would do well to read and understand the above information. Ev

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

I had a full license holder for my first part 3 it was pst 5.  In the second phase he said that he was protraying someone who had been in America for 10 years and only had problems with progress and positioning and he advised me at the debrief that I should have advised him that I would be removing the L plates and that he shouldn't have had to ask me to do this - strangely my mind was on different things at this time!!  neutral neutral

Have to admit he was all over the place with his positioning and his speed and I did find it hard not to go into hesitancy - always had been doing the 3 together on my lessons  yikes yikes

My instructor admitted that I was the 1st that he had heard of getting a fully trained license holder on the part 3 even though its been in for a while now........ just my luck   lol lol lol


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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

I've noticed quite a few Pdis here reporting back to have had the full licence holder. They were also advised to remove the L plates. They didn't have to 'think of it themselves' as you say your mind is on other things at the time.

Perhaps any Pdis/Adis can tell us their accounts of part three where they had a full licence holder role play? I know there have been threads in the past telling us.

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